Design Thinking: Cohort 3

Mrs. Mercy Sosonya (PhD candidate, Department of Nutritional Sciences, university of Texas Austin) @LBF-SheTechs Program 10/18/2021

A core founder of the Learn by building Foundation Mrs. Mercy Sosonya. Talked about the following:

Empathize (Pain users)

-Define: design thinkers should have in mind that there are needs, problems and insights.

-Ideate : to ideate, suggest proffering solutions to problems.

-Prototype: design thinkers are known for building solutions.

-Implement: after solutions to problems have been achieved, the ability to tests these solutions is called implementation.

She gave a detailed interactive lecture.

She used the six thinking hats (white, red, yellow, green, blue, black hats), to distinguish different kind of thinkers, and thought leaders. 


-White(Neutral objectivity): the color white, represents (facts) Neutral objectivity, concerned with data, facts, figures, and information.

– Red (the emotional view): emotion, the intuitive view, hunches, “guts”, and feelings.

-Yellow (Logical positive): Benefit, Optimistic, sunny and positive, covers hope.

-Green (creativity): Ideas, associated with energy, fertility, growth, creativity and new ideas. switches around the normal superiority of the black hat.

-Blue (process control): planning, the organizing hat (start and finish); controls the use of the other hats.

-Black (the logical negative): Judgment careful and cautious, the “judgment” hat.

The Royal Hat: Invested, (the owner) committed and invested. subjectively seeking objectivity.

She made the girls realize they have a lot of potentials in them, and how many have not used what they have. She provided materials that will help the girls. 


The Shetechs Second Cohort created solutions using Tech and soft skills they had learnt from the training they received, We started with coming 2hours,four days a week,to 2hours 5 days a week, to 5-7 hours five days a week, the last week was 6days.

Solutions range from teams on track 1:web solution, like Skill acquisition website for idle young people ,Nutrition and dieting website for Diabetic patients, Health and Hygiene website etc. lead trainer ;Mrs Chioma Chukwu,

Solutions from teams on track 2: Embedded system solution using arduino: A fire detector alarm system and a smart waste bin. Lead trainer :David Agbemuko and Gideon Oloyede

Kudos project staff lead by Project Manager Mrs Faith Ezedi Onarinde, and Mr Iddy Peters, Blessing ,David, Collins ,Hannatu, setting everything in motion.

Kudos to our judges Mrs Ify and Mrs Beni of Computer Department Fed. Poly Bauchi, Mr Nicholas of Leadtots Bauchi.

Thanks to Eileen Brewer who took the girls on Design thinking and Adelaja Gift who took them on Pitching.

I cant forget Mr Kusko Moses and Mr Tameshi Titus from Young Leaders Network. thanks for your support.

Thanks to everyone who supported or is supporting the project.


The Shetechs project cohort2 began 20th July 2021 with girls between the ages of 13-22. We had girls from 4 secondary schools in Bauchi namely; Love Paradise Academy, Harmony High School, Gwallameji Junior Secondary School, Divine International Academy.


The girls were given an overview on the current status of woman& girls in technology. They were told the reason why more women are needed in the tech field; Tech reflects who creates it and women are needed to be part of creators in tech, so we will not be left out of the decision table


SheTech Web development week three classes continued!!!

SheTechs web development week three classes continued on html tags specifically lists i.e. ordered and unordered list. Forms were also introduced to the participant with all kinds of input such as text, number, email, data file etc. CSS was also introduced, the selector attribute and how they operates. HTML & CSS has been running for two weeks because of how bulky the topic is and was rounded up. participant had their first project practice on the topic and created their First sign up page. It was an exciting moment for everyone because they all performed well.

update on web development

Learning was a continuation of Day 1 of session 1 which was introduction to web development i.e. what a website is and its attributes. then introduction to HTML as the language to be used for coding session. The HTML attributes were introduce and the girls were excited to write their own code by doing classwork. They were ask to create a HTML code using all the attributes they were taught for the day like the(<h>,</h>) for heading, (<p>,</p>) for paragraph ,the <a>,</a> for linking and grouping of content, and creating of tables using (<tr>,<th>,<td>) e.t.c.


The learn by building foundation(lbf) “SHETECH PROJECT” was launched on the 4th may, 2021 the project so far has been an exciting training, the girls have shown sign of curiosity and eagerness to learn

The trainers and trainees of the SheTechs project had the chance to introduce themselves and has little discussions about the project and what it was all about. The girls who were not very familiar with Computer basics, were given opportunity to know the basics of what a computer is? Its component, operating system, how to create a folder, how to use Microsoft word, power point and more. Because we realize some applicants do not have any idea on how to operate any of these. They went further to introduce them to the internet because most of what they will be training on is relative to the internet.

The participant (girls) were able to grasp rapidly every basics that was taught, and with these positivity, we dived into dividing the applicants into two categories of the project which is “WEB DEVELOPMENT” AND “EMBEDDED SYSTEM” depending on what they selected. Follow here and on our social media handles for updates on this project

Our NEW After School STEAM Club

Exciting announcement of the our long awaited STEaM club. Curious learners will have the opportunity to learn in a fun way whether as individuals or teams in the club.

The club will begin with two key areas namely:

  • Coding
    1. Introduction to programming
    2. HTML/CSS
    3. PYTHON
    4. PHP
    5. MYSQL
  • Embedded systems
    1. Basic electronics
    2. smart electronics
    3. coding in embedded systems

Embedded systems training

Today, STEMTeers commenced a post Covid19 Hands on project session for selected students in STEM clubs. Engaging students virtually for practical project Session had its limitations. Thanks to the collaboration of the American Space Bauchi and Al-Iman School Bauchi, these students were provided with more training materials and a sanitized space to engage them.Putting in check safety precautions, students were engaged with embedded systems starting with the snap circuits. Thanks to all facilitators and volunteers