STEMTeers is a Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) project which isfocused on Driving STEM Solutions and innovation by connecting, inspiring, and engaging youngpeople in our local communities to create the change we need as a nation using STEM. We engage students in STEM participatory clubs and competitions, helping them in creatingsolutions for our communities … Continue reading STEMTeers

"The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards." - Anatole FranceIt's World's Teachers Day and we celebrate teachers all over the world especially our STEM Educators. Happy Teachers Day! Day #Happy teachers Day #STEMeducation #STEMteers #Happy teachers Day

Basic programming at Al-Iman school Bauchi

today's session at al-iman school covered the basic of programming language, why programming language, the different types of programming language as in matters to their level of knowledge. Emphasis was made on HTML as a digital skill. students were introduced to worked around the different tags for different functions during the practical session thanks to … Continue reading Basic programming at Al-Iman school Bauchi

Embedded systems training

Today, STEMTeers commenced a post Covid19 Hands on project session for selected students in STEM clubs. Engaging students virtually for practical project Session had its limitations. Thanks to the collaboration of the American Space Bauchi and Al-Iman School Bauchi, these students were provided with more training materials and a sanitized space to engage them.Putting in … Continue reading Embedded systems training