LBF-SHETECHs Cohort 3 experience By Amara Anene(A participant)

My name is Amarachukwu  Anene, and this is my experience at the LBF program, which took place November, 2021.           They kicked off with a meet and greet from the participants, sponsors and supervisors. We were then introduced to the particular topic we would be majoring on, which is “Embedded systems”. It was fun getting … Continue reading LBF-SHETECHs Cohort 3 experience By Amara Anene(A participant)


STEMTeers is a Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) project which isfocused on Driving STEM Solutions and innovation by connecting, inspiring, and engaging youngpeople in our local communities to create the change we need as a nation using STEM. We engage students in STEM participatory clubs and competitions, helping them in creatingsolutions for our communities … Continue reading STEMTeers


The Shetechs project cohort2 began 20th July 2021 with girls between the ages of 13-22. We had girls from 4 secondary schools in Bauchi namely; Love Paradise Academy, Harmony High School, Gwallameji Junior Secondary School, Divine International Academy. Exif_JPEG_420 The girls were given an overview on the current status of woman& girls in technology. They … Continue reading SHETECH PROJECT COHORT 2 BEGINS

SheTech Web development week three classes continued!!!

SheTechs web development week three classes continued on html tags specifically lists i.e. ordered and unordered list. Forms were also introduced to the participant with all kinds of input such as text, number, email, data file etc. CSS was also introduced, the selector attribute and how they operates. HTML & CSS has been running for … Continue reading SheTech Web development week three classes continued!!!

Our NEW After School STEAM Club

Exciting announcement of the our long awaited STEaM club. Curious learners will have the opportunity to learn in a fun way whether as individuals or teams in the club. The club will begin with two key areas namely: CodingIntroduction to programmingHTML/CSSPYTHONPHPMYSQLEmbedded systemsBasic electronicssmart electronics coding in embedded systems