LBF-SHETECHs Cohort 3 experience By Amara Anene(A participant)

My name is Amarachukwu  Anene, and this is my experience at the LBF program, which took place November, 2021.

          They kicked off with a meet and greet from the participants, sponsors and supervisors. We were then introduced to the particular topic we would be majoring on, which is “Embedded systems”. It was fun getting to know what we were going to work on exactly.

          On the first day, we did a general study on computer knowledge. This was done for the benefit of those who had little or no knowledge of the in and out of a computer. The general study was done, during the first week.

          The second week came with a series of exciting events, as we were introduced to basic electrical connections we were taught how to connect batteries with LEDS and resistors, how to light up a bulb without the use of an Arduino.

This turned out to be enlightening to us as girls. At some point, we felt like bonafied Electrical Engineers.

          The tough part came with the introduction of the Arduino codes. Learning the C++ and trying to create our own simple codes was stressful, but seeing our results was worth the stress and mental hurt

          We did so many little and supposedly simple projects, for making a LED light, to making traffic lights and a tiny robot car, was worth everything.

Our final projects were done in groups.

Group 1 did an LPG gas detector

Group 2 an identification system, while

Group 3 made a pulse detector.

          This program taught us a lot of things such as patience, determination and the act of being creative. Meeting girls, who were willing to work despite the atmosphere, added some degree of fun to it. All in all, we as ladies can do it if we try.

          Thank you LBF for the work you do in inspiring women, and creating future Tech women.   


STEMTeers is a Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) project which is
focused on Driving STEM Solutions and innovation by connecting, inspiring, and engaging young
people in our local communities to create the change we need as a nation using STEM.

We engage students in STEM participatory clubs and competitions, helping them in creating
solutions for our communities with their ideas, skill, and work, which make them become
inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs that the nation needs.

We engage students in STEM participatory clubs and competitions, helping them in creating
solutions for our communities

Also, our volunteers are connected to local and global STEM Communities which gives our
society great leverage of uniting and building a network that would help us grow locally and

With the plan of events that have occurred in the past few years, STEMTeers has been able to make so much impact within the Bauchi metropolis, Bauchi state, Nigeria. Over twenty (20) secondary schools have been reached for both public and private schools.


The Shetechs project cohort2 began 20th July 2021 with girls between the ages of 13-22. We had girls from 4 secondary schools in Bauchi namely; Love Paradise Academy, Harmony High School, Gwallameji Junior Secondary School, Divine International Academy.


The girls were given an overview on the current status of woman& girls in technology. They were told the reason why more women are needed in the tech field; Tech reflects who creates it and women are needed to be part of creators in tech, so we will not be left out of the decision table


Shetechs Project Week 4

Bootstrap was introduced to the girls. The girls were taught how to embed bootstrap to the HTML page. It was an amazing experience for the girls. They were introduced into Bootstrap classes which were text class, background color class, padding class, margin class and alert class. They also did some exciting exercises which showed them a lot about the web. Kudos to the trainer, Adebisi Covenant and thanks to our Sponsor Development Exchange Centre (DEC)

SheTech Web development week three classes continued!!!

SheTechs web development week three classes continued on html tags specifically lists i.e. ordered and unordered list. Forms were also introduced to the participant with all kinds of input such as text, number, email, data file etc. CSS was also introduced, the selector attribute and how they operates. HTML & CSS has been running for two weeks because of how bulky the topic is and was rounded up. participant had their first project practice on the topic and created their First sign up page. It was an exciting moment for everyone because they all performed well.

update on web development

Learning was a continuation of Day 1 of session 1 which was introduction to web development i.e. what a website is and its attributes. then introduction to HTML as the language to be used for coding session. The HTML attributes were introduce and the girls were excited to write their own code by doing classwork. They were ask to create a HTML code using all the attributes they were taught for the day like the(<h>,</h>) for heading, (<p>,</p>) for paragraph ,the <a>,</a> for linking and grouping of content, and creating of tables using (<tr>,<th>,<td>) e.t.c.


The learn by building foundation(lbf) “SHETECH PROJECT” was launched on the 4th may, 2021 the project so far has been an exciting training, the girls have shown sign of curiosity and eagerness to learn

The trainers and trainees of the SheTechs project had the chance to introduce themselves and has little discussions about the project and what it was all about. The girls who were not very familiar with Computer basics, were given opportunity to know the basics of what a computer is? Its component, operating system, how to create a folder, how to use Microsoft word, power point and more. Because we realize some applicants do not have any idea on how to operate any of these. They went further to introduce them to the internet because most of what they will be training on is relative to the internet.

The participant (girls) were able to grasp rapidly every basics that was taught, and with these positivity, we dived into dividing the applicants into two categories of the project which is “WEB DEVELOPMENT” AND “EMBEDDED SYSTEM” depending on what they selected. Follow here and on our social media handles for updates on this project

Our NEW After School STEAM Club

Exciting announcement of the our long awaited STEaM club. Curious learners will have the opportunity to learn in a fun way whether as individuals or teams in the club.

The club will begin with two key areas namely:

  • Coding
    1. Introduction to programming
    2. HTML/CSS
    3. PYTHON
    4. PHP
    5. MYSQL
  • Embedded systems
    1. Basic electronics
    2. smart electronics
    3. coding in embedded systems


LBF-Shetechs project is focused on empowering women and girls with Tech Skills. Our goal is to empower 10,000 thousand women and girls in various aspects of technology. Our focus areas are:

  1. Basic Digital Skills
  2. Web development
  3. Mobile app development
  4. Embedded system specifically basic electricity and using Arduino to make smart electronics
  5. IT Administration.

Partnership with Development Exchange Centre (DEC)

The learn by building foundation is a selected partner with the DEVELOPMENT EXCHANGE CENTRE (DEC) Small scale project fund (SSPF).

The fund will be used to train sixty (60) girls in Bauchi state, northeast Nigeria, within nine (9) months in two learning track

  1. Web development
  2. Embedded Systems

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” – Anatole FranceIt’s World’s Teachers Day and we celebrate teachers all over the world especially our STEM Educators. Happy Teachers Day! Day

#Happy teachers Day



#Happy teachers Day