On 5th April, 2023, the STEAM club rounded-up a set of cohorts with Demo and pitching. Participant were girls for internship from the MakeHer Space Project.

These girls participated with great interest, putting in all their best trying to see they make a change in their community through STEM

The girls got introduce to a lot of things concerning Embedded Systems, coding and lots more..

It was a fun fill moment, where they had opportunity not only to create new things but also to meet new people and make new friends 😊

On rounding up the cohort participants came up with project ideas to work on as a way of giving back to there community. These projects are models of solutions to problems they have seen within their community.

The projects they came up with was so amazing and mind blowing, they sat down and around their community to see what they could create that could possibly be of help to the people around them.

They were grouped into three, Group 1 came up with the idea of a Smart Waste Bin that opens up when it senses the presence of someone and also raises an alarm when its full. Group 2 did a door security keypad for the purpose of security. People with disabilities were not left out, Group 3 created a smart Blind Man Walking Stick to give support to the blind and deaf because it could also vibrate to create a feeling if user can’t hear sound.

Isn’t all this mind blowing??

Such hidden talent they have, this could be you, you might have a hidden/dormant potential in you of which u know not about.

Well, It’s never too late. The STEAM Club is constantly on going for young people who have passion and wants to create changes in their communities through STEM

You will be engaged in: Basic Electricity, Embedded Systems (Smart electronics), Coding, new friends and lots more.

We acknowledge our training Yohanna Abana, Raymond Amem for a great job, also to the state coordinator Charity Solomon for the constant support and to YISHDA for the great collaboration.

Dare to be part of this amazing training.

Check our flier for more details….

Come join, be engaged and have fun😊🤗

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