Our STEAM Club has been on and exciting😃, we are covering a lot on smart electronics and its approaches.

Club girls are currently exploring the use and connection of push button/switch to an Arduino micro-controller board. They were shown the different parts of the Arduino board and how to identify the pin-outs, including the digital input/output pins, ground pins, and the 5V and 3.3V pins.

With learning about the hardware, learners were introduced to the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is the software used to write programs that run on the board. They were taught how to create a new program, how to define the pin modes and states, and how to write the code to read the button input and control the LED output.

Hands-on exercise was trilling for them, where they had to connect the push button switch to the Arduino board, and then write a program that would turn on an LED bulb when the button is pressed, and turn it off when the button is pressed again. They had to make sure to use the correct pins and to write the code correctly, testing their program multiple times to ensure it worked as expected.

Are you interested in belonging to a STEAM club🤔, learning about electronics and coding with Arduino and more…? Join our classes that run weekly on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, 2pm.

Come learn and have Fun!

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