My name is Amarachukwu  Anene, and this is my experience at the LBF program, which took place November, 2021.

          They kicked off with a meet and greet from the participants, sponsors and supervisors. We were then introduced to the particular topic we would be majoring on, which is “Embedded systems”. It was fun getting to know what we were going to work on exactly.

          On the first day, we did a general study on computer knowledge. This was done for the benefit of those who had little or no knowledge of the in and out of a computer. The general study was done, during the first week.

          The second week came with a series of exciting events, as we were introduced to basic electrical connections we were taught how to connect batteries with LEDS and resistors, how to light up a bulb without the use of an Arduino.

This turned out to be enlightening to us as girls. At some point, we felt like bonafied Electrical Engineers.

          The tough part came with the introduction of the Arduino codes. Learning the C++ and trying to create our own simple codes was stressful, but seeing our results was worth the stress and mental hurt

          We did so many little and supposedly simple projects, for making a LED light, to making traffic lights and a tiny robot car, was worth everything.

Our final projects were done in groups.

Group 1 did an LPG gas detector

Group 2 an identification system, while

Group 3 made a pulse detector.

          This program taught us a lot of things such as patience, determination and the act of being creative. Meeting girls, who were willing to work despite the atmosphere, added some degree of fun to it. All in all, we as ladies can do it if we try.

          Thank you LBF for the work you do in inspiring women, and creating future Tech women.   

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