Mrs. Mercy Sosonya (PhD candidate, Department of Nutritional Sciences, university of Texas Austin) @LBF-SheTechs Program 10/18/2021

A core founder of the Learn by building Foundation Mrs. Mercy Sosonya. Talked about the following:

Empathize (Pain users)

-Define: design thinkers should have in mind that there are needs, problems and insights.

-Ideate : to ideate, suggest proffering solutions to problems.

-Prototype: design thinkers are known for building solutions.

-Implement: after solutions to problems have been achieved, the ability to tests these solutions is called implementation.

She gave a detailed interactive lecture.

She used the six thinking hats (white, red, yellow, green, blue, black hats), to distinguish different kind of thinkers, and thought leaders. 


-White(Neutral objectivity): the color white, represents (facts) Neutral objectivity, concerned with data, facts, figures, and information.

– Red (the emotional view): emotion, the intuitive view, hunches, “guts”, and feelings.

-Yellow (Logical positive): Benefit, Optimistic, sunny and positive, covers hope.

-Green (creativity): Ideas, associated with energy, fertility, growth, creativity and new ideas. switches around the normal superiority of the black hat.

-Blue (process control): planning, the organizing hat (start and finish); controls the use of the other hats.

-Black (the logical negative): Judgment careful and cautious, the “judgment” hat.

The Royal Hat: Invested, (the owner) committed and invested. subjectively seeking objectivity.

She made the girls realize they have a lot of potentials in them, and how many have not used what they have. She provided materials that will help the girls. 

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