The Shetechs Second Cohort created solutions using Tech and soft skills they had learnt from the training they received, We started with coming 2hours,four days a week,to 2hours 5 days a week, to 5-7 hours five days a week, the last week was 6days.

Solutions range from teams on track 1:web solution, like Skill acquisition website for idle young people ,Nutrition and dieting website for Diabetic patients, Health and Hygiene website etc. lead trainer ;Mrs Chioma Chukwu,

Solutions from teams on track 2: Embedded system solution using arduino: A fire detector alarm system and a smart waste bin. Lead trainer :David Agbemuko and Gideon Oloyede

Kudos project staff lead by Project Manager Mrs Faith Ezedi Onarinde, and Mr Iddy Peters, Blessing ,David, Collins ,Hannatu, setting everything in motion.

Kudos to our judges Mrs Ify and Mrs Beni of Computer Department Fed. Poly Bauchi, Mr Nicholas of Leadtots Bauchi.

Thanks to Eileen Brewer who took the girls on Design thinking and Adelaja Gift who took them on Pitching.

I cant forget Mr Kusko Moses and Mr Tameshi Titus from Young Leaders Network. thanks for your support.

Thanks to everyone who supported or is supporting the project.

Shetechs Project Week 4

Bootstrap was introduced to the girls. The girls were taught how to embed bootstrap to the HTML page. It was an amazing experience for the girls. They were introduced into Bootstrap classes which were text class, background color class, padding class, margin class and alert class. They also did some exciting exercises which showed them a lot about the web. Kudos to the trainer, Adebisi Covenant and thanks to our Sponsor Development Exchange Centre (DEC)


The learn by building foundation(lbf) “SHETECH PROJECT” was launched on the 4th may, 2021 the project so far has been an exciting training, the girls have shown sign of curiosity and eagerness to learn

The trainers and trainees of the SheTechs project had the chance to introduce themselves and has little discussions about the project and what it was all about. The girls who were not very familiar with Computer basics, were given opportunity to know the basics of what a computer is? Its component, operating system, how to create a folder, how to use Microsoft word, power point and more. Because we realize some applicants do not have any idea on how to operate any of these. They went further to introduce them to the internet because most of what they will be training on is relative to the internet.

The participant (girls) were able to grasp rapidly every basics that was taught, and with these positivity, we dived into dividing the applicants into two categories of the project which is “WEB DEVELOPMENT” AND “EMBEDDED SYSTEM” depending on what they selected. Follow here and on our social media handles for updates on this project

Our NEW After School STEAM Club

Exciting announcement of the our long awaited STEaM club. Curious learners will have the opportunity to learn in a fun way whether as individuals or teams in the club.

The club will begin with two key areas namely:

  • Coding
    1. Introduction to programming
    2. HTML/CSS
    3. PYTHON
    4. PHP
    5. MYSQL
  • Embedded systems
    1. Basic electronics
    2. smart electronics
    3. coding in embedded systems

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” – Anatole FranceIt’s World’s Teachers Day and we celebrate teachers all over the world especially our STEM Educators. Happy Teachers Day! Day

#Happy teachers Day



#Happy teachers Day

Basic programming at Al-Iman school Bauchi

today’s session at al-iman school covered the basic of programming language, why programming language, the different types of programming language as in matters to their level of knowledge. Emphasis was made on HTML as a digital skill. students were introduced to worked around the different tags for different functions

during the practical session

thanks to your facilitators and volunteers, for their endless effort as we keep inspiring innovation in these students through stem.

Embedded systems training

Today, STEMTeers commenced a post Covid19 Hands on project session for selected students in STEM clubs. Engaging students virtually for practical project Session had its limitations. Thanks to the collaboration of the American Space Bauchi and Al-Iman School Bauchi, these students were provided with more training materials and a sanitized space to engage them.Putting in check safety precautions, students were engaged with embedded systems starting with the snap circuits. Thanks to all facilitators and volunteers

STEM activities within school in Bauchi metropolis

STEMTeers STEM activities within school in Bauchi metropolis over the last months (School academic term) has been really engaging and full of impact. With the focus on inspiring innovation through STEM, we outlined programs to be achieved within respective schools as the session allowed for, including: Web Development and Mobile App Development.Within the first academic term, STEMTeers coached students on basic web development where they (students) were trained on the basics in HTML and CSS. Programming (coding) as part of STEM curriculum which the students were been engaged with, is to bring out the creativity in them as well teach them how to solve problems around them using programming skills.Eight (8) schools reached as initial take off of the STEMTeers project ll were: Railway Staff School, St Paul Secondary School, Zion Pilgrims Christ School, Jibril Aminu Model school, Divine International Academy, Federal Government Girls College, Giwo Science Academy,City Comprehensive Secondary school. Each school students were screened for a selection process of students to be trained.We celebrate our volunteers Daniel Chukwuma, Karyn No’adiah Babas, Suleiman Yakubu, James Ogwuche, Faith Ezedi, Okoye El Nino Nnamdi; For their unceasing and great support to the project in seeing these kids get trained. We celebrate them. As we close the term’s engagement in school, we look forward to more amazing STEM activities and also prepare for the second edition of STEMTeers 2020 competition. @STEMTeers