LBF-SHETECHs Cohort 3 experience By Amara Anene(A participant)

My name is Amarachukwu  Anene, and this is my experience at the LBF program, which took place November, 2021.           They kicked off with a meet and greet from the participants, sponsors and supervisors. We were then introduced to the particular topic we would be majoring on, which is “Embedded systems”. It was fun getting … Continue reading LBF-SHETECHs Cohort 3 experience By Amara Anene(A participant)


THEME: TRANSFORMING LITERACY LEARNING SPACES According to information from the Ministry of Education, about 76 million adults—or 38% of the total 200 million people—were illiterate as of September 2021. However, Goodluck Opiah, Minister of State for Education, said that the number has decreased despite the COVID-19 pandemic's effects during the cabinet briefing to commemorate International … Continue reading WORLD LITERACY DAY


STEMTeers is a Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) project which isfocused on Driving STEM Solutions and innovation by connecting, inspiring, and engaging youngpeople in our local communities to create the change we need as a nation using STEM. We engage students in STEM participatory clubs and competitions, helping them in creatingsolutions for our communities … Continue reading STEMTeers

Design Thinking: Cohort 3

Mrs. Mercy Sosonya (PhD candidate, Department of Nutritional Sciences, university of Texas Austin) @LBF-SheTechs Program 10/18/2021 A core founder of the Learn by building Foundation Mrs. Mercy Sosonya. Talked about the following: -Empathize (Pain users) -Define: design thinkers should have in mind that there are needs, problems and insights. -Ideate : to ideate, suggest proffering … Continue reading Design Thinking: Cohort 3


The Shetechs Second Cohort created solutions using Tech and soft skills they had learnt from the training they received, We started with coming 2hours,four days a week,to 2hours 5 days a week, to 5-7 hours five days a week, the last week was 6days. Solutions range from teams on track 1:web solution, like Skill acquisition … Continue reading LBF SHETECH SECOND COHORT PITCHING AND COMPETITION


The Shetechs project cohort2 began 20th July 2021 with girls between the ages of 13-22. We had girls from 4 secondary schools in Bauchi namely; Love Paradise Academy, Harmony High School, Gwallameji Junior Secondary School, Divine International Academy. Exif_JPEG_420 The girls were given an overview on the current status of woman& girls in technology. They … Continue reading SHETECH PROJECT COHORT 2 BEGINS